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[insert plethora of cool posts here]

Hey, folks! As of right now, this blog is under construction (and probably will be for a few days). It looks kinda dark and scary right now because… well, starting a new blog is a little dark and scary. But, I shall try my hardest to have some cool things up and a reasonably well wrangled theme up in the next few days.

Stay tuned,




Sarah is a passionate storyteller with a huge heart that loves Jesus and everyone she meets. Sarah grew up in Georgia with her mom, dad, and little sister, Merry, where she attends the University of Georgia, majoring in International Affairs and Agriculture Communication. When she graduates, Sarah wants to help people all over the world succeed in the agriculture industry and tell the all-important story of the farmer. She joined the Kingdom Pen Team as Secretary in September 2013 and runs her own blog at

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